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FHF Intellycom - Industrial Intercom
FHF’s new Intellycom line of Weatherproof & Industrial Intercoms  has been developed specifically for harsh environments. Ideal in manufacturing industries, in hospitals and college campuses. The FHF Intellycom can handle the large temperature differences found outdoors, high humidity, exposure to sea water and dust, as well as heavy mechanical wear and tear.

It is simply the most rugged and reliable intercom phone available in the world today. The Intellycom’s features and benefits include:
Industrial Intercom
  • Complete 316 SS (V4A) Stainless Steel Housing with a weatherproof cable gland is resistant to chemicals, acids, sea water, alkali, moisture and grease and requires no additional enclosure for its Type 4X / IP66 environmental ratings.
  • Available in two versions – with one (1) or three (3) completely programmable call buttons, each may be programmed to call any phone number.
  • When any of the phone buttons are depressed, a phone call is automatically initiated to the programmed number
  • Loud Handsfree / Speakerphone allows the intercom phone to be used in a group setting, and is loud enough to be heard in areas of high ambient noise.
  • Does not require a separate intercom system – integrates with any standard PBX system.
  • Available in two versions – the standard version with the full casing and a panel mount version without a casing.
Part No. FHF Intellycom description
11274601 IntellyCom Intercom Telephone  with 1 pushbutton
11274603 IntellyCom Intercom Telephone  3T   with 3 pushbuttons
11274701 IntellyCom Intercom Telephone  with 1 pushbutton,  without housing
11274703 IntellyCom Intercom Telephone  3T   with 3 pushbuttons, without housing

The FHF IntellyCom Intercom is integrable into all similar PABX. This industrial intercom is extremely robust and vandal proof.

Industrial Telephones from FHF
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